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Why Schedule a Preventive Maintenance at a Trailer Repair Shop During Coronavirus

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While several states enforced stay-at-home orders, transportation, field service, utility workers, energy workers and many other fleet-based businesses who are deemed essential services have continued to operate despite the unprecedented challenges we’ve been experiencing with Covid-19.  


Since the pandemic commercial transportation dropped to a low 85% of normal operation.  As the long days of summer are upon us and states are slowly starting to reopen we begin to feel a sense of normalcy in our communities.  This is also positive for transportation companies who are bringing back more and more of their fleet.  Market updates showed most companies were back up to 95% by mid-June.  


Crop harvesting operations have not halted as agriculture and medical goods are prioritized as essential products during this time.  There’s no doubt the world-pandemic has had an impact on the trucking industry, but we must keep essential goods moving.  


How can preventive maintenance help your business during these pressing times?

We recommend transportation companies and fleet managers get full trailer inspections of their semi-trailer trucks and take care of any trailer repairs before the heat comes and you hit the road at 100%.  Companies like Sonsray Fleet Services, an authorized Thermo King distributor, has a service department completely dedicated to trailer repair.  If you google, Trailer Repair Near Me, in the states of California and Nevada you will discover the largest Thermo King distributor in the Pacific Region, who is in the business of serving the transportation industry, not just Thermo King products.


Sonsray Fleet Services has multiple state-of-the-art trailer repair shops in the Golden and Silver states proudly serving the West Coast.  Joe Newfield, Business Development Mgr-Sonsray Fleet Services, says, “I strongly suggest all fleet-based businesses to sign up for a preventive maintenance plan.  Not only is it proactive to regularly schedule proper maintenance but it could save you downtime and costly repairs down the line.”


Semi-trailers and vehicles that don’t receive regular maintenance experience reduced lifespan, excessive breakdowns, expensive repairs, and lost time on the road due to negligence.  Which is why since some fleet managers and/or transportation companies who have had to keep a portion of their fleet off the road, should take advantage at this moment and request a preventive maintenance inspection before their entire fleet is at full capacity.  This is recommended for all types of trailers, flatbeds, conestoga, curtainside, enclosed trailer dry vans, refrigerated vans, pups and pup sets.


Are trailer repair shops safe through the pandemic?

Truck drivers may have concerns about scheduling trailer repair or a preventive maintenance inspection.  Certainly they spend long hours driving in their trucks, but they are still at risk of being exposed.  “Our trailer repair shops are taking the necessary precautions to help reduce the spread.  Employees are expected to wear a mask, plus we follow safe practices of physical distancing and frequent hand washing.  The customer service counters and common areas are also being disinfected several times a day”, says Joanna Verastegui, HR Director-Sonsray Fleet Services.  Companies like Sonsray Fleet Services are doing their best to communicate with their customers the safety protections they have put in place to ease some of the worry.  Whether they send drivers to a trailer repair shop or they schedule a mobile trailer repair, fleet managers want to obtain trailer repair services from a reputable company they can trust.


Trailers are pretty simple equipment as long as timely routine maintenance is scheduled.  Maintenance is crucial to getting long life and keep it operating it safely.  It’s only when neglected, that little things can become into much bigger and unplanned costs.  So while you have trailers parked during this world-wide pandemic, don’t waste any further time and schedule a preventive maintenance inspection today.

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