Insulated Bulkheads

An insulated bulkhead is a thermal barrier in a trailer, truck body or van that separates fresh, frozen or dry goods. This allows multiple temperatures in one vehicle, or the reduction of cooled space to reduce energy consumption.
Whether you need a bulkhead last minute or a customized PRIMAIR bulkhead with your new trailer unit, We got you covered!

Universal Insulated Bulkheads

refrigerated trailer bulkheads
semi trailer bulkheads


Realizing that you may need to divide your load up last minute? We have insulated bulkheads in stock that will will get your haul divided up and delivered safe at the right temperature.


  • Vinyl laminated skin on 5mm corrugated plastic with a 2″ open cell foam core
  • 2 Velcro straps provide a 1 O” adjustment in the width to a maximum of 99″
  • Spring Top provides a 9″ variance in height to a maximum of 106″
  • Flush mounted hardware
  • Seals in older, bowed trailers
  • 2-Piece design allows replacement of one side if necessary, instead of entire bulkhead
  • No new trailer tolerance concerns
  • No trailer measurements needed when ordering

Custom Made For:

  • IDEAL FOR: Transporters that have trailers with multiple heights and widths
  • • UB 1 Universal Bulkhead fits virtually every trailer dimension
  • Able to move from trailer to trailer in fleet, not dedicated to a specific trailer



The PrimAir Insulated Bulkhead is designed and constructed for exceptional durability at an extremely light weight. Easy on loaders and easy on drivers!

  • • 3” closed-cell core that prevents bacteria growth
  • • EPP foamcore is 100% recyclable
  • • Integrated flexible impact liner that reduces damage during loading and unloading
  • • Heat-welded seams that seal out moisture and bacteria • Scuff guard minimizes damage to bulkhead
  • • Zero fasteners in the impact zone eliminate damage to scuff guard • Limited warranty
  • • Weight: Less than 65 lbs. at a height of 102 in.
Custom Made For:
  • Improved efficiency – more deliveries with fewer units
  • Improved food safety – access only the compartment you need (food grade surfaces)
  • Improved driver safety – unload tow or three lanes from rear of trailer
insulated bulkheads
insulated bulkheads

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