Diesel Box Trucks

A complete line of self-powered diesel truck units that deliver a lower cost of ownership through lower maintenance costs, improved fuel economy and unmatched reliability.

MORE Reliability

The cornerstone of all Thermo King refrigeration units is reliability, and the T-90 Series continues the tradition.

MORE Technology

Innovation is only valuable if it improves the customer experience. Period. This is why each feature of T-90 Series was thoughtfully analyzed from the perspective of the customer.

MORE Options

The T-90 Series of units comes with a variety of options to ensure that you get MORE of what you need.

MORE Capacity

Providing higher overall cargo flexibility and immediate value.

MORE Savings

When it comes to fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs, the T-90 Series sets the industry standard.

Thermo King Truck Units

T-590 Diesel-Powered Truck Unit
T-690 & T-690 Max Diesel-Powered Truck Unit
T-890 & T-890 Max Diesel-Powered Truck Unit
T-1090 & T-1090 Max Diesel-Powered Truck Unit
T-1090 Spectrum Multi-Temp Diesel-Powered Truck Unit
UT-1280 Undermount Electronic Throttling Valve System

Expect More

  • Improved coil designs and optimized engine management help increase capacity up to 35 percent
  • Extended maintenance interval (EMI) of 2,000 hours — longest in the industry — can save you more and minimizes downtime
  • Use SmartPower electric standby to save up to 75% on fuel costs
  • QuickTemp technology, cycle-sentry mode, Fuel Saver II technology, and electronic door switches can also be used to contribute to fuel savings

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